Technical Support

Our Products:

  • Generators
  • Motor-Generator sets
  • Voltage regulators
  • Protective relays and control devices
  • Speed governors and controls
  • Air starters
  • Solenoids

Our Customers:

  • Control panels suppliers
  • Diesel and gas generator sets suppliers
  • Owners and operators of generators sets
  • Suppliers of gas and steam turbines
  • Small and medium hydraulic dams operators
  • Repair shops


We keep a large amount of parts in our inventory. We provide product support and parts for all our products.

Quotations and Availability:

Contact us for any technical information and for quotations. We can also provide training and technical specifications to suit your needs.

Field Service:

Our technical people are ready to assist you in the field and help determine the best solution. Certified service shops are spread across Canada. Contact us to know the one closest to your place.

View our rates here.

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